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Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation (EGAT), a joint venture started by Evergreen Group's EVA Air and General Electric (GE) in 1998, consistently delivers exceptional aircraft maintenance solutions to airline partners. It is underpinned by the Evergreen Group's culture of "Challenge, Innovation and Teamwork", as well as GE's best-in-class management practices. Perpetuating flight safety is the hallmark of our service solutions to your fleet.

An FAA, EASA, and JCAB Part-145 repair station, along with a host of other agencies, EGAT has emerged as a reputable MRO service partner with more than 35 airlines, being voted Best MRO in the region in 2009, and 2011.

EGAT remains focused on service delivery to you, and your airline.

Strong business ethics, transparency, honesty and integrity permeate through its service solutions.

Conversions, interior retrofits, winglet installs, Section 41 skin replacements, ageing aircraft inspections and engine overhauls are but a sample of bespoke services that can be delivered to you, besides the regular scheduled letter checks.

Along with more than 3,000 personnel in its 4 hangars, engine shop, test cell, and component repair shops, find out what EGAT can do for you and your aircraft.

EGAT’s facilities occupy an area of 60,000 ㎡, including aircraft hangar spaces spanning 4 hangars, an engine shop, an engine test cell, multiple accessory shops, storage warehouse and offices.

EGAT has been able to leverage on fleet technical management development of EVA Air since 1991 as an airline maintenance unit, to become the notable independent MRO that it has become today. With a handful of 100 mechanics handpicked and trained to merely service the EVA Air fleet since 1991, EGAT has since grown to an independent, employee-stakeholder facility totaling 3,500 personnel, housing four hangars, two engine shops and a 120,000 lb test cell.

The entire facility is in a secure, tariff-free, bonded airport zone to facilitate ease of aircraft and aviation component movements. The facility is United States TSA C-TPAT (Customs – Trade Protection Against Terrorism) compliant. The investment by GE in 1998 into a joint venture entity provided further mechanisms for best-in-class technical and management development. The award-winning organization embodies the Evergreen spirit of “Challenge, Innovation, and Teamwork” to deliver best-in-class value propositions to airline partners that are underpinned by EGAT’s operational “Safety First, Quality Is Everything” mindset. More than three-quarters of its business is derived from global airline partners who have come to experience and value EGAT’s commitment to quality, safety, and timely deliveries. At EGAT, We Make It Happen, for partners, for customers, and for you.

Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation's facilities occupy an area of 58,600 ㎡, including aircraft hangar spaces spanning 4 hangars, a powerplant shop, a powerplant test cell, multiple accessory shops, storage warehouse and offices.

At 200 meters wide, 100 meters deep and 40 meters high, the first hangar is able to accommodate three (3) wide-body aircraft. The second hangar offers another 12,000 m² in footprint to accommodate two (2) wide-body aircraft and 2 narrow-body aircraft. A third hangar offers 12,500 m² of space for two (2) wide-body aircraft. Finally, a fourth hangar with another 12,500 m² space serves to shelter two (2) wide-body aircraft during maintenance.

14,000-sq. meter of warehouse space spanning the hangars and engine shops, partially air-conditioned and supported by two automated stacking and retrieval rack systems.

4,600-sq. meter of air-conditioned shop floor space spanning the hangar, and engine shops.

31,700-sq. meter of floor from two engine shops for assembly, disassembly and testing of aircraft engines in a production flow-through layout, supported by a 120,000 lb rated test cell.


EGAT is a certified and reputable airframe, engine and component Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul service provider. An award-winning service provider, EGAT’s unwavering commitment to airline safety and customer satisfaction with its many airline partners is the foundation to sustainable corporate well-being, and long term growth. This commitment is underpinned by EGAT being a good corporate citizen, through corporate integrity and honesty.

To maintain EGAT’s corporate well-being, an Ethical Code Of Conduct (“Code”) is applied to all personnel. This code serves to define guidelines on personnel behavior when engaging in business activities with customers, suppliers and stakeholders on behalf of EGAT.

All personnel are to be bound by this Code. Breach of this Code, and misconducts in violation of the spirit and letter of this Code, will result in investigations on all affected personnel, and if substantiated, will result in prompt disciplinary action in accordance with the Personnel Management Guidelines governing employees of the Evergreen Group. Specifics of this Code are listed below. All personnel of EGAT are expected to learn, understand, and abide by the specifics of the Code.

Chairman Signature

Ethical code of conduct policies

1 - Integrity, Accountability, and Loyalty

  • All personnel are to apply high integrity in carrying out business transactions on behalf of the company. They are to fully accountable to the activities that they are tasked with and remain loyal to protect the assets, reputation, well-being and interests of the company.

  • In their accountability and loyalty to above Para. 1a, no company personnel is to derive any monetary or tangible personal gain at all times.

  • Corporate non-monetary gifts to other parties given on behalf of the company, either directly or indirectly, are to be proposed and approved formally with written documentation by management and leadership. Where appropriate, such gifts shall bear the company logo affixed on them or with a company name card denoting the sender.

  • Monetary gifts may be given only in a culturally acceptable contexts and occasions such as lunar new year, weddings, funerals etc. proposed and approved formally with written documentation by management and leadership, regardless of the quantum value of such monetary gifts.

2 - Compliance

  • In all business transactions with customers and suppliers, besides adherence to local laws and regulations, all personnel shall not knowingly offer or accept bribes and kickbacks, neither in the form of monies nor in-kind, to any other party.

  • Pursuant to Para. 2a, all employees are to refrain from disclosing sensitive information, belonging either to the company or to the company’s suppliers or customers, to any other party outside of the company unless the other party has been bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement. All disclosure of information shall be made on a need-to-know basis only.

  • All personnel are not permitted to obtain information on the competition or competitive data through bribes and kickbacks.

3 - Work Quality and Safety Ethic

  • All personnel shall carry out their duties in the company in compliance with the technical standards set forth by the company, the regulatory agencies, and the original equipment manufacturers.

  • All personnel shall apply the Six Working Principles when working in the company to perpetuate quality in workmanship and aircraft safety, both on the air as well on as the ground.

  • All personnel shall adhere to processes and procedures to carry out their maintenance tasks and business activities sequentially on a step-by-step basis. Such activities shall include making and keeping accurate, completed records.

Winner of the 2011 Best | Airframe MRO in Asia (UBM Aviation), and the 2009 Best Independent MRO in Asia-Pacific by Aviation Week, EGAT is here for you, from skin replacements to winglet installs, and from engine overhauls to interior retrofits.

- At EGAT, We Make It Happen!

Evergreen Aviation Technologies (EGAT) is a best-in-class specialty aircraft Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) center for all of your aviation needs.

4 - Environmental Protection and Conservation

  • The company is committed to the protection of the environment and to conservation, through education, investment in pollution reducing equipment, reduction in carbon footprint, and recycling.

  • All personnel are to abide by the corporate commitment in Para. 4a to work on initiatives and continuous improvement plans to reduce waste, increase recycling, conserve energy and / or resources.

5 - Mutual Respect

  • Personnel are the company’s valued assets. The company endeavors to create a safe, conducive working environment based on merit.

  • All personnel are work together collectively as a team for positive, timely and mutually beneficial outcomes to all parties on all business and maintenance activities. These outcomes are to be achieved through consensus building and mutual trust with one another, with suppliers and with customers

  • All personnel are not to discriminate against another individual because of race, religion, color, rank or gender.

6 - Safety Policy

  • EGAT possesses a well-defined, CAA-endorsed, Safety Management System with policies, structure and processes deployed throughout the organization. Safety is both a corporate and personal commitment. Risks are evaluated on matrices based on severity of the hazard consequence and potential occurrence levels. A predictive / pro-active approach to safety risks is encouraged and increasingly adopted.

7 - Environmental Protection Through Aggressive Recycling

  • EGAT is committed to a sustainable future to reduce its carbon footprint through aggressive recycling efforts. The positive upward trend in recycling measures up well with EGAT's continuing recycling efforts.

Environmental Protection Through Aggressive Recycling

EGAT is committed to a sustainable future to reduce its carbon footprint through aggressive recycling efforts. The positive upward trend in recycling measures up well with EGAT's continuing recycling efforts.


GAT defines and measures the factors that will impact personnel safety, ground safety and flight safety through indices such as work days lost to injury, injury events, and injury-free rolling work hours. These factors are monitored through pro-active participation from all personnel. Each abnormal event is documented, and reviewed through monthly management meetings. Corrective actions are implemented.

Monthly cross-departmental "Red Teams" audit the facility on safe working environments. Each observed deficiency, and corresponding corrective action is logged, deliberated, and approved. Collectively, each person in EGAT is to adhere to the guidelines in the handbook in "EGAT's Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection – Working Principles". The facility is subjected to bi-annual audits from EPA-approved external consultants.

Specific measurements on air, noise, and chemical pollution in the workplace are made and corrective actions are implemented to eliminate out-of-limit results. EGAT takes on measures to (1) recycle solid wastes, (2) re-condition liquid wastes, and (3) conserve water as well as electrical resources.

With "Safety First - Quality is Everything" at its operational backbone, EGAT maintains robust inspection systems. The front line systems comprise the Quality Data Reporting System (QDRS), FOD Reporting System (FRS), and the Record Accuracy and Accounting Systems (RAAS) that monitor the grounds, the work, and the paperwork.

Results and findings from the systems are reported monthly at the Quality Review Meeting chaired by the President, and populated by the department heads as the accountable leads.

EGAT's Repair Station Quality Manual (RSQM) and Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) has been endorsed by the FAA and EASA respectively to enable dual regulatory releases. Besides the RSQM and MOE, EGAT is both ISO certified and AS9100C accredited.

Each technician and staff member is committed to:
  • EGAT's Six (6) Working Principles that highlight internal quality policies to deploy high work quality, aim for zero-accident target, and uphold proper maintenance records;

  • Approved, traceable vendor parts and components to preserve aircraft flight safety;

  • Appropriate use of Non-Destructive Inspection aids and tools such as Liquid Penetrate, Magnetic Particle, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic and Radiography as well as Precision Measuring Equipment to carry out airframe and engine inspections;

Personnel are the company’s valued assets. The company endeavors to create a safe, conducive working environment based on merit.


NO. CAA-RS-004


NO. 136


NO. R88600299


NO. E8VY080O


NO. EASA.145.0057



2013 ASIANA Airlines' Best MRO Award

2011 Best Airframe MRO In Asia(Aircraft Technology Engineering& Maintenance`s MRO, UK)

2011 Atlas Air`s Service Quality & Value Award

2009 Best Independent MRO in Asia Pacific(Overhaul & Maintenance, Aviation Week)

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