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The official opening ceremony of EGAT’s newly completed powerplant shop was held on June 6th, 2019. The new shop complements existing engine shop and test cell facilities at EGAT, which have taken on new engine overhaul capabilities, such as the GEnx-1B and -2B engines, as well as increased component repairs.

Construction of the new shop broke ground in April 2017. At 30 meters tall and a total floor area of 20,000 m², it consists of five (5) levels above ground, and one basement level.

After successful implementation and deployment of the AMOS project, we are pleased to announce that EGAT has gone live with AMOS’ MRO edition platform.

In April 2018, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation (EGAT) received certification (certificate number: 4151090) for the EN 9110:2016 Quality Management System from Bureau Veritas Certification (BVC), Taiwan. It is a major honor and achievement following the company being named best maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider by the US’s Aviation Week and Britain’s UBM. Receiving the EN 9110:2016 certification is significant for EGAT’s implementation of international aviation quality control standards, certification by clients and contractors, quality improvement, on-time delivery, cost reduction, and operations and management.

EN 9110:2016 refers to the standards of the international aerospace quality management system. Based on EN 9100, the aerospace quality standards, EN 9110:2016 consists of quality management standards specifically for the MRO industry. Known as AS 9110 in North America and JISQ 9110 in Japan, it is currently the most widely recognized set of international standards in the MRO industry. The compliance with the standards is one of the prerequisites for entering the aviation industry supply chain.

Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation inaugurated its 4th hangar on July 17, 2017. The ribbon-cutting and opening ceremony was jointly performed by Mr. Chang Kuo-hua, Evergreen International Corporation President Dai Jin-quan, EVA Air Chairman Steve Lin, EVA Air President Derek Chen, UNI Air Chairman Solomon Lin, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Chairman Tzeng Da-ren, and Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation Chairman Chang Che-cheng. The 4th hangar is 136m wide, 90m long, and 32.5m tall. It is able to simultaneously accommodate two wide-body aircraft, such as A330s, B777-200s and 787-9s, for airframe maintenance and conversions. B767-300 passenger-to-freighter conversions will begin at the hangar in November 2017.

Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation’s 4th hangar, like the others, is an all-steel structure. Construction costs totaled around NT$1.5 billion. The facility and maintenance system have received certification from civil aviation authorities in Taiwan, the US, and Japan. It is applying for ISO 14000-01 and ISO 9110 certification to meet international environmental and quality management standards. The inauguration of the 4th hangar will effectively solve the company’s hangar space shortage

Based on many years of trust and cooperation, starting in 2012 into heavy maintenance, All Nippon Airways (“ANA”) rely with Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. (EGAT), an award-winning aircraft MRO facility in Taiwan, to perform heavy checks and related modification on ANA’s B787 fleets commencing from 2nd Mar. 2017. The world’s first Boeing 787 passenger plane was delivered to ANA in 2011, ANA also has the most Boeing 787 aircrafts. ANA currently ordered 83 Boeing 787 passenger planes, also becomes the first airline who already owned 50 Boeing 787s, it is very beneficial to expand its globalized flight plan.

Leveraged on its expert maintenance service to current B737, B767 and B777, EGAT will be committed to delivering high quality, on-time and safe maintenance service to ANA’s B787 for sure. The Parties will work together tightly to create next decades relationship, and align both reputable and notable organizations to support ANA success in excellent flight safety and quality continually.

On May/01/2016 , EGAT Maintenance Training Center (EMT) gained CAA training approval with a certificate number CAA147-2016-001. The EMT is approved to deliver aircraft B737, B747, B777, A320 series, A330 and ATR72 B1/B2/C type training course/license conversion training course in accordance with the training courses set forth in the MTOE, and issue Certificates of Recognition once the participant has successfully completed their training course.

Recently, Evergreen – EGAT celebrated its 2,000th engine redelivery. The milestone, achieved on 9/21, is a testimony to the dedication of EGAT team of mechanics, and the strong commitment of GE Aircraft Engines, EGAT’s technical partner and stakeholder. Since 1994, EGAT has been delivering excellence in engine maintenance to its global airline partners and GE.

From humble beginnings of light engine module changes in a small workshop in 1994 to an operational test cell in early 1998, and from the successful 1,000th engine redelivery of a GE90 engine in 2009 to the new GEnx joint venture GE Evergreen Engine Services in 2014, the EGAT engine shop has remained true to its values – exceptional engine services underpinned by strong Quality and Safety commitments.

Underpinned by its relentless focus to operational Quality and Safety since 1994, EGAT has successfully redelivered its 2,000th airframe on 7/28/2015 to its biggest customer and stakeholder, EVA Air.

EGAT has positioned itself to be a boutique, and mid-sized airframe MRO industry player, with multiple awards from customers, partners as well as the industry.

Nippon Cargo Airlines (“NCA”) and EGAT has signed a new 5-Year non-exclusive B747-400F Airframe Heavy Maintenance (“HMV”) Agreement on Jun/30/2015. This is yet another strong endorsement of the EGAT’s commitment of delivering quality, competitive, and customer-centric maintenance solutions to NCA.

Since 2009, EGAT has provided Engine Repair/Overhaul service for NCA in partnership with GE. The scope of partnership was later expanded to cover Ramp Maintenance services in 2011, and Component Maintenance services in 2014.

Recently, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. (EGAT) successfully completed EVA Air's 1,000th airframe maintenance event. The company celebrated this landmark accomplishment with an official ceremony in Hangar 1 of its facilities on 29JUNE 2015. The ceremony was attended by 300 guests, comprising management and leadership from the Evergreen Group, EVA Air, and EGAT, as well as the technicians working on the aircraft.

Evergreen Aviation Technologies (EGAT) has come a long way since its first airframe heavy maintenance activity for EVA Air in 1994. In the years since then, it has accumulated more than 40 maintenance customers, carried out multiple airframe modifications, and repaired new generation GEnx engines.

Recently, Skymark and Evergreen – EGAT celebrated 100th successful B737NG airframe maintenance redelivery event at the EGAT hangar facility. The delegation from Skymark was led by Aiichiro MATSUO, Director and Executive Officer, Technical Services and Quality. The event was hosted by JC Liou, Deputy Chairman of EGAT.

The aviation business relationship between Skymark and EGAT has spanned a decade, commencing with Skymark’s B767-300ER airframes that covered AOG support, airframe HMV, engine overhauls and component maintenance, which has since been retired.

Recently, Evergreen - EGAT celebrated the successful redelivery of Atlas Air’s 50th airframe maintenance event at its facility. This milestone is but another testimony of the strong relationship and partnership between Atlas and EGAT. GAT’s partnership with Atlas on airframe HMV and ramp maintenance has spanned more than a decade, covering multiple airframe types. EGAT’s consistent service delivery and quality has resulted in being rewarded with Atlas’ Service Quality and Value Award in 2011.

Besides performing B747-400 airframe maintenance, EGAT services Atlas Air’s B747-8s as well as the B747-400LCF Dreamlifters that it operates on behalf of BOEING.

Evergreen - EGAT has demonstrated once again that it is not merely an MRO supplier, but an airline partner committed to enable its airline partners to generate cost savings and thrive. All Nippon Airways or ANA recently presented Evergreen – EGAT an award in recognition of EGAT’s value added engineering services that enabled ANA to gain cost savings and shorter aircraft downtime during maintenance events. During overcoat and repaint work on B737NG aircraft’s control surfaces, the manufacturer’s manuals stipulate that additional test flights be performed.

EGAT’s engineer took on the task to engage with the BOEING the aircraft manufacturer, presenting a case for seeking to do away with / waiving such a test flight. The manufacturer concurred with EGAT’s proposal and rationale.

GE Evergreen Engine Services completes first GEnx Quick Turn Shop Visits

EVENDALE, OHIO March 4, 2015 – GE Evergreen Engine Services recently completed its fifth GEnx quick-turn shop visit, with two additional engines scheduled to ship this month. The quick-turn capability comes just nine months after the formation of the new joint venture in Taiwan with partner Evergreeen Aviation Technologies Corp. (EGAT).

On 22 December, NCA, in partnership with GE and EGAT, celebrated the successful completion of the 50th CF6-80C2 engine overhaul at the EGAT facility. The engines were offloaded by GE to EGAT, a CF6 Center-of-Excellence engine overhaul facility, following from a long-term contract between NCA and GE Aviation.

Attending the ceremony and celebrations was NCA leadership represented by Kiyoji Matsuda, Senior VP of Engineering & Maintenance. Since the first engine inducted into EGAT in 2008, EGAT has consistently delivered exceptional quality and high business value engine overhaul solutions to GE Aviation and NCA.

ASIANA Airlines (“ASIANA”) and EGAT has signed a new 5-Year V2500 engine overhaul agreement on Jul/2/2014. This is a strong endorsement of the EGAT’s commitment of delivering quality, competitive, and customer-centric repair and overhaul solution to ASIANA.

Despite having won the inaugural “Best MRO” award from ASIANA in Dec/4/2013, EGAT was pitched against other global best-in-class service providers to submit a competitive V2500 bid in early-2014. After intense rounds of competition, EGAT’s bid was deemed one of the best among the competition.

On 6/12/2014, ASIANA Airlines (“ASIANA”) and EGAT celebrated the successful completion of the 50th V2500 engine overhaul at the EGAT facility, following from an earlier commemoration in recognition of the 100th CF6 engine overhaul completed at EGAT in MAR-2013.

ASIANA leadership at the celebrations was led by CS Han, Chief Financial Officer & Senior Executive Vice President, with the first V2500 engine inducted into EGAT in 2009. Over a period of 5-years, EGAT has delivered a consistently high V2500 business value solution to ASIANA.

TAIWAN, March 31, 2014 – GE Aviation and Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. (EGAT) announced formation of a new joint-venture company specializing in the overhaul of engines for commercial airliners, including the GEnx, the fastest-selling engine in GE Aviation history. The new company, GE Evergreen Engine Services, builds on more than 15 years of close cooperation between GE Aviation and Evergreen.

“EVA and GE launched our EGAT joint venture in 1998. Working together in this way has been a win-win for both companies. EGAT is recognized as a global leader in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), providing service for more than 40 airlines," said EVA Air Chairman K.W. Chang. "EGAT and GE are now teaming up again to establish GE Evergreen Engine Services to expand the service to the new generation of GEnx engines. This will further enhance the partnership and solidify EGAT's position as a global engine maintenance leader. ”

On 12/4/2013, Evergreen – EGAT was named Asiana Airlines’ (“ASIANA”) Best MRO. The inaugural award was given to the best performing aviation partner and service provider to ASIANA, a Star-alliance partner with EVA Air, EGAT’s parent. On behalf of the mechanics, engineers and management of EGAT, EGAT President Nan-Hung Huang, more affably known as NH, was on hand to receive the award, expressing the collective gratitude and thanks from the EGAT team.

‘This award belongs to the many EGAT airframe, engine and component mechanics who have dedicated their lives to delivering high service value and quality to ASIANA spanning the past decade. EGAT has been and will be steadfast in its commitment to ASIANA, contributing towards ASIANA’s operational excellence in South Korea and beyond”, says NH.

In September, EGAT sign multiple five-year contracts from Atlas Air, to be Atlas’ B767 and B747 HMV airframe service provider. EGAT’s partnership with Atlas on airframe HMV and ramp maintenance has spanned more than a decade, covering multiple airframe types. EGAT’s consistent service delivery and quality has resulted in being rewarded with Atlas’ Service Quality and Value Award in 2011.

EGAT is confident that its high service quality and business value delivery to Atlas will be maintained and preserved. Looking ahead, EGAT is committed to Atlas Air’s operational success, through reliable maintenance services from EGAT.

On 3/21, ASIANA and Evergreen – EGAT commemorated the 100th successful Asiana engine overhaul at the EGAT facility. This milestone was achieved over a period of ten (10) years, with which EGAT saw ASIANA’s first engine overhaul induction in early-2004.

EGAT appreciates the decade-long support from ASIANA’s management to make this aviation partnership a success, first on airframe maintenance and modification, thereafter expanding to include engine overhauls since 2004.

On 3/19, All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Evergreen – EGAT jointly hosted an open house to welcome 80 elementary school children to Evergreen’s facility. The open house celebrates the Successful B767 Airframe HMV Partnership between ANA and EGAT.

The children were from schools located in the Taoyuan district and local communities in proximity to the facility. While at EGAT, the children were taken on a tour to an ANA aircraft undergoing HMV maintenance on site. Subsequently, the children were treated to presentations and a meal.

On 3/7, Skymark and Evergreen – EGAT celebrated 50th successful B737NG airframe maintenance redelivery event at the EGAT hangar facility. The delegation from Skymark was led by its Corporate Director, Kimiyoshi Sakaki. The aviation business relationship between Skymark and EGAT has spanned 8 years, commencing with Skymark’s B767-300ER airframes that covered AOG support, airframe HMV, engine overhauls and component maintenance, which has since been retired. In Skymark’s fleet renewal to B737NG that started in 2007, Skymark invited EGAT to be its aviation technical partner on the new airframe. Totaling 29 B737NG aircraft, EGAT has been committed to a comprehensive aircraft service delivery package for Skymark for the past several years. As Skymark expands to other airframes, EGAT is postured to work alongside Skymark, and committed to the airline’s continuing operational success. At EGAT, We Make It Happen, For Skymark!

Skymark Airlines is a highly successful and profitable low-fare Japanese carrier. From its home base sited at Haneda Airport, its fleet of twenty-nine (29) B737NG aircraft flies to notable and secondary destination in Japan. Besides posturing for regional expansion with an order of six (6) A330 wide-body aircraft, Skymark has also ordered six (6) A380s to offer long haul intercontinental services to London and New York.

On 17 December 2012, EGAT inked a 5-year B767-300 and B737-800 HMV airframe maintenance and repainting agreement with Belgium’s TUI Jetairfly.

Since 2009, EGAT’s partnership with the TUI Group has grown from strength to strength, starting with ad-hoc B767 HMV with Jetairfly, expanding to support TUI Arkefly Netherlands with B767 HMV, performing multiple fuselage skin replacements with B737-800 with Belgium’s TUI Jetairfly, and finally cementing a HMV agreement covering multiply airframes in the Jetairfly fleet.

It has been more than two years since the 4th EGAT-converted B747 Large Cargo Freighter (LCF) departed from EGAT. In the preceding period 2005 – 2009, and in partnership with Boeing, EGAT has cultivated a deeper understanding of aircraft repairs.

Since then, EGAT has honed its skills and built its reputation into a notable, award-winning aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility in the Asia Pacific region. The strength of the Boeing-EGAT partnership is evident in a recent agreement signed between the parties, with EGAT becoming a B787 and B747-8 airframe maintenance service partner on the Boeing Edge Program.

On 15 MAY 2012, All Nippon Airways (“ANA”) signed a multi-year agreement with Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. (EGAT), an award-winning aircraft MRO facility in Taiwan. EGAT shall perform heavy checks and related modification on ANA’s fleet of B767s. EGAT has been, and will be committed to delivering high quality, on-time and safe maintenance service to ANA.

A member of the Star Alliance, ANA is a leader, innovator and pioneer in aviation, delivering memorable and safe flying experiences to the millions who have flown on their fleet for almost 6 decades. This innovative spirit has seen it being the world first operator of the B787 Dreamliner, as well as incorporating the use of biofuels on flights.

Boeing Commercial Aviation Services (CAS), the integrated services solution provider at Boeing Commercial Airplanes, and Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. (EGAT), an award-winning aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility in Taiwan, have expanded on their business relationship by signing a long-term agreement for EGAT to provide maintenance services on the 787 Dreamliner for Boeing's GoldCare comprehensive service offering.

This agreement will see EGAT working with Boeing CAS’ Fleet Services to deliver cost effective, timely and high quality maintenance services. Airline customers and partners who sign up for GoldCare are able to maximize the utilization and value of their respective fleets, giving them an operational edge, the Boeing Edge, in this competitive aviation industry.

On 08 February 2012, EGAT inked a 3-year exclusive B747-400 HMV airframe maintenance and repainting agreement with Asiana Airlines. EGAT's partnership with Asiana on airframe maintenance has spanned almost a decade, covering multiple airframe types.

With a strong and traceable service history on Asiana's aircraft since 2003, EGAT is confident that it will be able to leverage on its experience to deliver exceptional quality and value over each passenger and freighter aircraft induction into its facility in Taiwan. This recent contract award to EGAT is a testimony of the robust partnership, as well as the high degree of trust and confidence.

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